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  • Ola Opalinska

Substance of Eternity: act 1

a tragic play complimented by conceptual photography


It had just stopped raining. The sun was slowly coming out from behind the morning clouds, spreading it’s warmth and long beams everywhere. Some of the light fell through the window of a small, photography studio, in a nearby Art College. The sun started slowly stretching its bright, lengthy arms on the floor towards white, rectangular table standing in the middle of the room.

Near its edge, there was an Apple. Some of the rain had gotten into the room, covering the table and fruit in a coat of little droplets. Apple’s fresh green and crisp skin reflectedthe sunlight in all directions, like a grand, glorious sapphire.

Disclaimer: In a photography studio, especially in an art college, most odd and arbitrary items can be found.

- ACT 1 -

APPLE (sights in awe)

Oh! Isn’t life the most joyous of things? No, let me put it another way. My life is the most joyous of things. I feel like I could get out there right now and take the world by storm. No one could stop me. How could you ever resist a godlike creature such as myself? My firm and crunchy skin has the brightest green color, with sweet, amber undertones. Gleaming, yellow freckles primp my surface, looking like golden jewels. The glow coming from my smooth, polished surface is almost blinding, and all of this is just my shell. Inside, I have the sweetest, most desirable and juicy taste and texture. In essence - perfection.

Apple slowly turns around, radiating it’s strength, beauty and narcissism in all the sides. A bubble flies in.

BUBBLE (giggles)

Bubble is flying around, giggling and humming.


Hey there! Come nearer so I can see my reflection in your surface. It’s been a while since I had a good look.

Bubble comes closer, spreading some soap on the table.

BUBBLE (giggles)


Look! It is me, granting you with my handsome face.

Apple leans on and takes a long look at itself.

BUBBLE (giggles)

Come closer, dear Apple, so I can see your desirable freckles in all their grace and beauty.

Pleased Apple leans even closer, and suddenly slips on the soap and falls on the ground.

APPLE (in terror)

Ah! No, my skin! It’s all bruised now! What am I to do?!

Apple rolls over, checking all it’s sides and lamenting profusely.

BUBBLE (giggles)

APPLE (in fury)

You did this to me! If it wasn’t for your sleazy soap, I would have remained in perfect condition, on top - where my place is!

BUBBLE (giggles in high, echoing voice)

I just wanted you to see your whole self!

Flies away.

APPLE (fiercely)

Ah you meaningless creature! You will be gone within seconds, and I will remain here forever! As I am eternal - everlasting! Just like these grounds, and the sun, and the moon!

Ah, damn you!

One last giggle fades in the dark.


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