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Beatrice Keniausyte (she/her)

Lens-based media artist & curator



Based in:

London, United Kingdom

London based conceptual artist Beatrice Keniausyte (b.1995, Lithuania) interrogates and puts to question concepts such as time, space, body and perception. Through distortion of image as her main visual technique, she transforms the ability to perceive, as well as the meaning of time and space. G. Deleuze, S. Zizek, M. Heidegger, Z. Bauman, M. Merleau-Ponty and J. Ranciere have all been at the focal point of her philosophical and conceptual inspiration. 

Keniausyte’s portfolio embodies both photography and film, with cinematographic methods being applied to still images and vice versa. While lens-based media and image creation is dominating the artist’s oeuvre, writing practice is equally significant in her work. 


2019 - 2022
University of the Arts London
Camberwell College of Arts
BA (Hons) Graphic Design
1st Class Hons

2022 - 2023
Royal College of Arts (RCA)
MA Photography

  • Independent thinker—doer

  • Fluent communicator in both writing as well as visualising

  • Lens-based & graphic design skills in both still ​and moving media.

  • Exploration of photography as a multidisciplinary practice

  • Stretching the limits of contemporary art

  • Curation and installation of the exhibition as a form of making the work public

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